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our philosopher was greener than an olive

At that moment. He perceived from the king's cold and indifferent mien that there was no other resource than something very pathetic, and he flung himself at the feet of Louis XI., exclaiming Hong Kong venues , with gestures of despair:--

"Sire! will your majesty deign to hear me.Sire! break not in thunder over so small a thing as myself.God's great lightning doth not bombard a lettuce.Sire, you are an august and, very puissant monarch; have pity on a poor man who is honest, and who would find it more difficult to stir up a revolt than a cake of ice would to give out a spark!Very gracious sire, kindness is the virtue of a lion and a king. Alas! rigor only frightens minds; the impetuous gusts of the north wind do not make the traveller lay aside his cloak; the sun, bestowing his rays little by little, warms him in such ways that it will make him strip to his shirt.Sire, you are the sun.I protest to you, my sovereign lord and master, that I am not an outcast, thief, and disorderly fellow.Revolt and brigandage belong not to the outfit of Apollo.I am not the man to fling myself into those clouds which break out into seditious clamor.I am your majesty's faithful vassal.That same jealousy which a husband cherisheth for the honor of his wife, the resentment which the son hath for the love of his father, a good vassal should feel for the glory of his king; he should pine away for the zeal of this house, for the aggrandizement of his service.Every other passion which should transport him would be but madness.These business trip to Hong Kong , sire, are my maxims of state: then do not judge me to be a seditious and thieving rascal because my garment is worn at the elbows.If you will grant me mercy, sire, I will wear it out on the knees in praying to God for you night and morning!Alas!I am not extremely rich, 'tis true.I am even rather poor.But not vicious on that account.It is not my fault.Every one knoweth that great wealth is not to be drawn from literature, and that those who are best posted in good books do not always have a great fire in winter.The advocate's trade taketh all the grain, and leaveth only straw to the other scientific professions.There are forty very excellent proverbs anent the hole-ridden cloak of the philosopher.Oh, sire! clemency is the only light which can enlighten the interior of so great a soul.Clemency beareth the torch before all the other virtues.Without it they are but blind men groping after God in the dark.Compassion, which is the same thing as clemency, causeth the love of subjects, which is the most powerful bodyguard to a prince.What matters it to your majesty, who dazzles all faces, if there is one poor man more on earth, a poor innocent philosopher spluttering amid the shadows of calamity, with an empty pocket which resounds against his hollow belly?Moreover, sire, I am a man of letters.Great kings make a pearl for their crowns by protecting letters.Hercules did not disdain the title of Musagetes. Mathias Corvin favored Jean de Monroyal, the ornament of mathematics.Now, 'tis an ill way to protect letters to hang men of letters.What a stain on Alexander if he had hung Aristoteles!This act would not be a little patch on the face of his reputation to embellish it, but a very malignant ulcer to disfigure it.Sire!I made a very proper epithalamium for Mademoiselle of Flanders and Monseigneur the very august Dauphin.That is not a firebrand of rebellion.Your majesty sees that I am not a scribbler of no reputation, that I have studied excellently well, and that I possess much natural eloquence.Have mercy upon me, sire!In so doing you will perform a gallant deed to our Lady, and I swear to you that I am greatly terrified at the idea of being hanged news about tourism industry !"

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